4 thoughts on “Cardinal-icious

  1. I have white headed Cardinals too. They are beautiful. I have seen several in the last year. I am in TN….

  2. Wow! I was searching to see if this white-headed cardinal is a common bird or a rare sight. I saw my first ever white-headed cardinal at my bird feeder yesterday and again today. What a sight to see. Truely beautiful.

  3. I have a white headed cardinal in my yard. Didn’t know what it was until now, told friends about her, they hadn’t heard of it either. Sure glad I found this post and know for sure what it is. I live in Missouri.

  4. We have a white headed cardinal coming to our feeder in SE Michigan. Sent a photo to a friend, who identified it as a “juvenile flamingo” and my husband labeled it a “Himalayan cockatoo”. We hope she keeps coming, and brings her friends.

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