Help the beavers restore drained wetlands today at 4:00 PM

Saturday morning, I met another unfortunate victim of Douglas County’s draining of the Haskell side of the wetlands.

© Chris Taylor

While I love all the beings who live at the wetlands, I’ve had many enchanting encounters with minks and this just really got to me. On behalf of the minks and all the beings who live there, please continue to contact the County Commission and do whatever you can to help.

Contact for Douglas County Commission:

To donate to the Wetlands Preservation Organization:

Care of W.P.O
155 Indian Avenue #4999
Lawrence, KS 66046

WPO is on Facebook

Today, at 4:00 PM, you can help the beavers restore the wetlands north of 31st Street. The WPO and supporters will be moving a pile of rocks from near the Baker wetlands entrance to the breach in the dam near Haskell Ave. Park on the south side of 31st. If you can’t move rocks, come and hold signs, or just come. Please spread the word!

© Chris Taylor

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