Wetlands magic

Two young men out running at the Wakarusa Wetlands this morning stopped to talk to me as I stood staring up at a tree watching swallows. They seemed to be visiting for the first time. They wanted to know what kinds of wildlife I was seeing. I don’t think they were from around here because they asked me if there were any bears. I did tell them that the Wetlands are home to coyotes, bobcats, and supposedly a cougar, though I have never seen him/her.  One of them said, “Bobcats are sick!” They asked if I was a birdwatcher, which they thought was pretty cool.  They asked about where to run and said they thought they would do it again tomorrow. When I got back to the car, the windows were misted over (the humidity).  Written in the mist on the window was, “We saw an awesome bird!” I cannot quite put into words how great this made me feel.  It is truly a magical place.


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  1. That truly is magic! Touching the earth and sky together shows us our common origins. Thanks for sharing!

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