Harriers, Swans, and Muskrats

I’m finally getting out a bit more and enjoying the new camera! The Canon EOS R is so light and easy to handle. I’m still getting used to the differences between the EOS R and the 5D I used for so long, but I am loving it! The EOS R is excellent for these dark, foggy mornings. Considering just how dark it was on this morning, I am very pleased with these results.

Northern harrier
Geese and swans
Geese, swans, Northern shovelors
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April Snow

No surprise in Kansas. Our weather at best is unpredictable. The biggest snow storm I remember from childhood was late April. School was closed for a week! This morning, I rushed to get out to the wetlands because I haven’t been out there this winter when it was snowing. I was sure I was going to miss a snowy wetlands this year, so thank you, universe!

blackbirds in the snow
Canada goose and muskrat den in snow
Northern shoveler and teel in snow
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