Harriers, Swans, and Muskrats

I’m finally getting out a bit more and enjoying the new camera! The Canon EOS R is so light and easy to handle. I’m still getting used to the differences between the EOS R and the 5D I used for so long, but I am loving it! The EOS R is excellent for these dark, foggy mornings. Considering just how dark it was on this morning, I am very pleased with these results.

Northern harrier
Geese and swans
Geese, swans, Northern shovelors
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New Camera Trials

I finally decided to replace my now very old Canon 5D Mark ii. The 5D has been a remarkable camera. It has been reliable in all the Kansas weather extremes, and I’ve dropped it more than once. This camera has been a hard worker for about 12 years. I’m trying out the Canon EOS R. While I have not been able to spend as much time with it as I would like, so far, it takes some pretty sharp pics. I can’t wait to be out more when the weather cools off a bit!

Great egrets and black birds in tree
Great blue heron standing in water
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Finally, a Wetlands’ Morning Without Rain

It was cooler and cloudy this morning, but just a few sprinkles. Many of the paths were covered with water, but I decided to risk walking through it. I’m glad I did!

Many egrets and a great blue heron!

Great egret
Great egret

I think the smaller one is a juvenile little blue heron.

Great egrets and juvenile little blue heron
Great egrets
Great egret and great blue heron
great blue heron

Frolicking muskrat youth. I counted five, but I only see four in this pic.

Juvenile muskrats
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