Responses: Lawrence City Commission Candidates and the Wakarusa Wetlands

I recently wrote to all of the Lawrence City Commission Candidates and asked them where they stand on the destruction of the Wakarusa Wetlands and if they would support KU returning the land it owns to Haskell. This is a brief overview of where the candidates stand on this issue. Only Scott Criqui and Leslie Soden where direct in their answers and overwhelmingly supportive of doing whatever we can to save this sacred space.

Mike Amyx never answered my question regarding whether or not he would support the return of land from KU to Haskell. He did make it clear that he is an “advocate for the SLT in its present alignment.”

Rob Chestnut believes the SLT is greatly needed and its absence is a safety issue for people.

Scott Criqui said he lobbied for the 42nd street route during the 90s. He supports KU returning its 20 acres to Haskell.

Jeremy Farmer believes the biggest problem with all of this is that folks at “Haskell were more miffed at the way this was handled, than actually losing the land itself.” He also said, if he could, he would “sit down with folks from Haskell and see what they could live with and what they couldn’t live without and then go from there.” He did not answer my question regarding KU returning the land to Haskell.

Terry Riordan did not respond to any of my questions.

Leslie Soden said she is not in favor of the destruction of the wetlands and would support KU returning its land to Haskell.

© Chris Taylor

© Chris Taylor

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