New Arrivals

It was a terrific morning for walking in the wetlands. The sunrise was spectacular, and I loved watching the coots eagerly flying across the path and diving into the open water.

American coot in flight

I had it mostly to myself and got to see my first of the spring little green herons and an American bittern. The bittern pic is not great, but it’s so good to see them again. There have been so many times I have been standing right next to one and didn’t realize it until they flew away. Such good camouflage!

Little green herons in tree
American bittern

A great blue heron made some geese very unhappy by standing on their muskrat lodge, but eventually left them to it. I see geese nesting on top of the lodges fairly often. That seems like prime real estate! I’m hoping I will get to see some goslings soon!

Heron standing on muskrat lodge
Geese on muskrat lodge

I’m still stalking the same area looking for river otters. I didn’t have any luck today, but I did get to see a super cute muskrat having breakfast.

Muskrat eating
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