Rabbit Prayer

We’ve seen this rabbit in our yard and around the neighborhood lately. I am fairly certain she is not wild. I don’t know if someone dumped her, she escaped from somewhere, or someone has been letting her out, but every time I see her, I worry about her.

Dear Rabbit,
I pray that you will be safe
I pray that no one will harm you
and you will find your way
wild or at home
I pray that you will have plenty to eat
I pray that you will have a warm and comfortable place to rest

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Wild Bunny?

We’ve been seeing this cutie for the past few days and wondering if she engineered an escape from somewhere. She doesn’t look like any of the wild rabbits we see around here, but I don’t know a great deal about rabbits. She was hanging out with some of the neighborhood rabbits. She let me get pretty close to take this picture. Click on picture to enlarge.

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