Finally, a Wetlands’ Morning Without Rain

It was cooler and cloudy this morning, but just a few sprinkles. Many of the paths were covered with water, but I decided to risk walking through it. I’m glad I did!

Many egrets and a great blue heron!

Great egret
Great egret

I think the smaller one is a juvenile little blue heron.

Great egrets and juvenile little blue heron
Great egrets
Great egret and great blue heron
great blue heron

Frolicking muskrat youth. I counted five, but I only see four in this pic.

Juvenile muskrats
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House Wrens, Orioles, and Caramel Glitter

It’s still raining every day, but we did get some sun today. I was able to get some of the yard mowed. More storms are moving in tonight. I’m counting on the weather forecast providing a good wetlands walk on Friday. In the meantime, our backyard house wren friends are very busy singing and bringing twigs to the box. They are just so adorable!

House wren bringing twigs to nest box.
House wren
House wren singing

We have fewer orioles visiting the jelly feeders right now, which means they are busy feeding insects to the young ones. It is so much fun when the parents start bringing the fledglings to the feeders.

Adult male Baltimore oriole

I bought this shrub on a clearance table a few years ago. It always looked like it was near death, this spring especially. I resisted pulling it up and just waited to see what happened. Now, we have these delightful little flowers. This is the first time it has bloomed. It is called Caramel Glitter Ninebark.

Caramel glitter ninebark
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Rain and More Rain

It has rained every day for over a week. Paths at the wetlands are covered with water and our yard is just soaked. It’s a bit worrisome, but here’s hoping the rain lets up soon. I tried heading out to the wetlands on Friday but was rained out. I’ve been trying to get some decent pics of our backyard friends, but it is so dark out all the time right now! I’m looking forward to seeing the sun again.

It was wonderful to see a baby bunny and parent this morning!

Baby bunny
Backyard rabbit

We put up a new wren house we can see from a window. It didn’t take long for them to move in!

House wren
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