More Eagles

One of the photos of the nest in the water is from winter when nesting began. The other two are from last week. Click on photos to enlarge.

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Do Not Support the Institute for Wildlife Studies

I recently learned that the Institute for Wildlife Studies supports the hunting and killing of feral cats. A woman who worked there as an intern reported stumbling upon a “truck full of carcasses.” So, I have edited this post to remove the link and any information supporting IWS.

Update 10/10/08

The response I received from the Nature Conservancy regarding this issue is below. I have attempted to contact IWS numerous times, but have not received a response. Perhaps if several of us contact them, they will respond (their contact info. is in the copy of the email below).

Sorry for the delay in response, but I was forwarded your inquiry and
hoping to find out more info myself. We are not aware of, or involved,
in anything like this on San Clemente. The best person to contact would
be the president of IWS, Dave Garcelon. His contact info is: or (707) 822-4258. Their website, as you already know,

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