2 thoughts on “Bald eagle

  1. Hello –

    What a fantastic photo!

    I am a storyteller. For the last few days I’ve been a bit out of sorts. So I’ve been asking Mother Earth for guidance. On one walk, I received Dragonfly and on another I received turtle.

    Today I requested again. I was driving on a nearby parkway that goes through an urban forest…after my walk. It was unusually quiet. Then…a shadow over the car. I thought it might be a helicopter except there was no sound. It was a bald eagle. It flew so that it was in front of my car headed in the same direction as I was. Perhaps 30 feet ahead and 20 feet above. It escorted me for about 500 feet before it took a left turn upward.

    What a gift!

    I would like to write a story about it. Usually I use my own photos for my stories but, as I was driving, no photo!

    I’m wondering whether you would give me permission to use your photo…with credit to you, of course.

    Thanks for considering!

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