In this bitter cold weather, everyone is doing their best to get something to eat and conserve energy. A cooper’s hawk has been ruling our yard for a couple of days now making it more than a little difficult for small birds to get to the feeders. I don’t want to run him off (he has to eat, too!), but I do feel a bit guilty for hoping he catches someone soon so the survivors can get something to eat. I guess that’s the “needs of the many.” I am more than aware of what it means to be able to sit in my toasty warm house watching all the activity.

Cooper's hawk

© Chris Taylor

I think this one might be a sharp-shinned hawk. He likes to sit on the brush pile and wait for little birds to come out. Sometimes, he dives in and tries to catch them as they scatter. I imagine he scores some voles in there as well.

Sharp-shinned hawk

© Chris Taylor

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