White robin

We were on our way to Z’s for some much needed coffee this morning when out of the corner of my eye I saw these white wings blur by. I backed the car up and there she was, gathering up grass for nest building. Isn’t she amazing! Click on pictures to enlarge.

© Chris Taylor

© Chris Taylor

© Chris Taylor

© Chris Taylor

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4 thoughts on “White robin

  1. I have the Mallard Mother hen taking her 7 of her duckling to to a safer place, perhaps. 3 of the ducklings were Leuicistic or albinotics. Albinotic young , after loosing the pigments, are easily noticead by predators and do not seem to live to start another generation of its own. In your covincing and interesting photo, this adult is a survivor and collecting materiials to start a family. It is a female female Robin most likely.

    You should study the whole nest building and raising the young and write about it later. It iwill be educational for many of the birders in our chat line.

    Thanks -Ram

  2. Thank you for sharing this and you did a great job with the pictures. I have a leucistic Giant Hummingbird which comes to my feeders at home. I put chicken wattering feeders instead of small hummer feeders so I can enjoy the tanagers as well. He likes these feeders. I dont think the babies will be leucistic also (just my opinion). But my pictures of the big guy are not as good as your Robin`s. A hummer as shy as the Giant is very hard to pin down.

  3. This picture is from Lawrence, KS. I think we saw her around 15th and Harper (near the cemetery). The white robin is not a species in the U.S, but leucism. Leucism is simply reduced pigment, not harmful. 🙂

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