Egrets, Herons, Pelicans, and Butterflies

The weather and work are finally letting me out a bit more. I am so eager for fall! The last few days have been great for seeing large groups of pelicans and the monarchs are on the move. Great egrets and little blue herons are still around.

© Chris Taylor

© Chris Taylor
Pelicans coming in with the sunrise.
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Here’s hoping 2018 is a better year for wildlife, for all of us, and let’s hope more people pay attention. Thank you!


Sunrise Thistle

© Chris Taylor


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Being Together in Place

Being Together in Place: In a More Than Human World is an amazing book that examines the challenge of coexistence at three sites, the Cheslatta-Carrier traditional territory in British Columbia, the Wakarusa Wetlands in northeastern Kansas, and the Waitangi Treaty Grounds in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

From the University of Minnesota Press:

Being Together in Place explores the landscapes that convene Native and non-Native people into sustained and difficult negotiations over their radically different interests. Using ethnographic research and a geographic perspective, this book shows activists in three sites learning how to articulate and defend their intrinsic and life-supportive ways of being—particularly to those who are intent on damaging these places.

I am honored to have a few photos in this book. More here:

Nook and Kindle editions are also available.

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